Read about what is said about VentureOne and your startups in the press and online.



Angel investors fund good ideas of young entrepreneurs. There are now over 4,000 angels in Brazil and they moved $ 450 million last year.


“Dream big when opening a business”, says relations director of Endeavor
During Global Entrepreneurship Week.


Creative economy emerges as a good investment option for 2012
Expert says that the sector brings good opportunity to make cash and create jobs.


Entrepreneurs and investors come together to network.


Circuit startup fosters competitiveness. Meetings bring together “investors-angels” and TI entrepreneurs.


Developers have a chance in ‘Geeks on Beer’, to meet who can help make their projects a reality.


Brazil is the next big thing in startups, says Andre, VentureOne has optimized the operation of 11 startups in several areas of virtual consultancy.


From inspiration to success: VentureOne’s flowchart about some things that can happen to a startup.


Startup Weekend Rio: How to create 16 startups in 3 days.


MeetUp Rio will lecture on Freud’s sexual theories in business.


Entrepreneur’s Guide: Trampoline of ideas, how to innovate and protect.


‘Anyone with Internet access can create a dream, “says angel investor
Andre Diamand.


Angel investor examines ideas that internet users claim to be genius.


How does a startup of a billion dollars. Visibility, rapid growth and a bit of luck are the ingredients to get to this value.


Experts comment on high unemployment among young people worldwide.


5 investment funds for your startup. A contribution may allow more investment in marketing, hiring new workers or product development.


9 gaffes that entrepreneurs should avoid with an investor
Check out what are the attitudes that may tarnish the image of your company and finish the chances of a catch on the project.


Pilgrimage in search of visionaries of the new technology .


Startup Week of Beesoffice.


Calendar with method – Small Manual to form a network of efficient contact.


Support the great ideas – Companies gain support to win investors.


18 Latin American Tech Hubs You Should Know.


Dinheirama Interview: Andre Diamand, CEO at VentureOne.


5 signs to leave his job and become an entrepreneur.


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